1. If you are new on Salefreaks, open a new Gmail account.

2. Login to SaleFreaks Console and go to "My Accounts"

3. You will see our plan system. On the left side, you will see how many Amazon Accounts you currently have on your plan. By moving the slider, you can choose how many Amazon accounts you would like to add to integrate with SaleFreaks system. Each account cost $30. You can add up to 10 Amazon accounts.

4. To continue, choose the plan you want (according to the number of Amazon accounts you want) and click on Change Plan.

5. You will see a pop-up that tells you about the payment and the costs for the rest of the month until your next billing date. To execute, you have to mark with "V" the two lines. For example, I chose 5 Amazon accounts. The first Amazon account is free and the rest will cost $30 each one (total = $120)

6. After clicking on Execute, you will see a pop-up that tells you have successfully Upgraded My Accounts plan and the amount of money you have been charged for the current billing cycle.

7. You have done! All you have to do is to add your Amazon accounts by clicking on the empty slots of "Add Account".

8. After clicking on one of the empty slots, you will see the pop-up of importing Amazon accounts. You can choose to import Amazon business account or a regular one. Choose your account and fill your Amazon information. Then choose if you would like to redirect to GMAIL and accept the integration, so our system will update your tracking information (Recommended) or choose the second checkbox if you would like to do that manually.

* Before clicking on Add, please verify your information (Amazon email address and password).

9. You will redirect to GMAIL. Choose your Amazon's email address.

10. Google will tell you that salefreaks.com wants to view your emails messages and settings (To allow us to read your tracking numbers). Click on "Allow".

11. Your account is ready to use! By my package, I can add two more Amazon accounts. If I would like to add three more, I will have to upgrade my plan again.

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