1. Login to SaleFreaks Console and go to "Items - Console"

2. You can go to our Facebook page to download the CVS File or create your own File with "ASIN number" and "eBay Title".

3. After you fill in all the items you want, you will click on Upload, write a name and save.

If you wish to Connect your existing eBay listings to SaleFreaks for monitoring and auto ordering:

If you want to migrate items that are already listed on you ebay account to Salefreaks, follow this steps:

  1. Create a CSV file containing your current eBay listings (need to contain both the eBay ID and ASIN of the item).

2. Send the CSV file to our customer support team at: tech@salefreaks.com with the subject: “Please connect my existing eBay listings to SaleFreaks”

3. Important: before sending the file please set your default profit range and PayPal fees on Global settings.

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