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  1. Login to SaleFreaks Console and go to "Listing Wizard – Locator."


2. Login to your Amazon account and select a Category and then enter a sub category to find items to list. Note: we are choosing sub categories to change the appearance format in the URL page.


3. Click on “Prime Items” and “Avg. Customer Review – 4 stars &Up” to filter the “best” items.


4. We are aiming for results under 10,000 items. The locator can support searches till maximum 10,000 items per 24 hours. For locator best performance: You can run up to 3 locators in parallel.


5. Go back to SaleFreaks Console and copy and paste the URL on Argument. The second option is to insert a single ASIN number or a list of ASIN numbers. You can place ASIN number following the next ASIN separated with space or as a list. Then, you can click on Scan Now to download the items.


6. The locator status will change from In Progress to Done after 24 hours. If you have at least 80-90 percent of results, you can pause the search and start using the locator. Then you don’t have to wait till the locator shows the status done. In order to pause a search, you simply click on properties and then press Pause. Now the locator is ready to upload.


7. The locator is ready, your next step is to define the desired profit percentage and define it in the locator search. Once the search is done, the locator status will appear as ready, and you will click on.


8. Go to Listing Generator.


9. Select the list with the status done – and then click on. LG Report, in this report you can see uploaded items, failed items and the reason for failures in uploading. If you had an e-bay problem like limits or connection to Paypal, once that problem is solved, you can go back to generator by clicking the BACK TO GENERATOR BUTTON and then press Generate and it will upload the item to SaleFreaks console again, and it won’t show again as fail.


You can also watch our Tutorial Video

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