1. Login to Salefreaks Console and go to (Items - Title Optimization).


2. On Creation Time we will choose the check box and enter the date that you created the items and you wish to improve their titles. This is also applicable to the Unsold Time range and Sold Time range check boxes.

For example: I would like to take all items created in the past month (from: April 27 till today June 27). I will also choose a condition that says – show me only unsold items from April 27 till today.


3. You can also filter items according to Tags, regardless to the dates set before, you can remove the dates filters, by unmaking the checkbox’s and chose the Tag that you are interested in filtering.


4. On “Total items views”, you can filter items by the amount of times that other buyers viewed them in your e-bay store. For example, from 20 times to 100 times.


5. When you are done setting all criteria for items that you wish to find and edit their titles, you will click on view items, (once clicking on view items it will delete the old filter and creates a new one). For those Items that you would like to see the suggested titles you will scroll down and click on Generate Suggestions. The suggested words will appear in red.


6. You can see the item photo and if you click on the photo you will be directed to this item in your eBay store. You can sort by length characters and by descending and ascending orders.

7. In the other side of the arrow, you can now find the suggested title and the suggested wording in Red. You can see the Rank (when 3 flames indicate on Top seller title. 2 flames indicate on “sold at least once”, and 1 flame indicates that this title belongs to the best match results).

In the next column you can find the statistics on how many times this item was viewed and how many times it was sold, in your eBay store.


8. In order to fetch the competitor title and replace it with your title, you can click on the arrow and it will change to the new title. To go back to the old title, you can click on the undo icon and it will turn back.

For manually editing I can click on the title itself and add \ delete words.

Now you can save all the changed that you have made. Note, you must press on Optimize Now in order to upload the new titles to your eBay store. Click Optimize now!


You can also watch our Tutorial Video

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