1. Login to SaleFreaks Console and go to "Listing Wizard – Listing Wizard."

2. Click on New.

3. Login to your Amazon account and select a Category and then enter a sub category to find items to list. Note: we are choosing sub categories to change the appearance format in the URL page.

4. Click on “Prime Items” and “Avg. Customer Review – 4 stars &Up” to filter the “best” items.

5. We are aiming for results under 15,000 items. The locator can support searches till maximum 15,000 items per 24 hours. For Locator best performance: You can run up to 3 locators in parallel.

6. Choose between Search and Compare (recommended) and Speed Search.

7. Define each filter as you desire.

8. Type in a TAG and click on Generate.

9. You will find your list updated on Listing Generator.

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