1. open 'Listing wizard' on console, then go to 'Locator'

  2. enter some 'locator name'

  3. enter in 'argument' URL of Amazon items search that is relevant for you (it should include up to 10000 items) or ASIN list (separated with space/comma/enter)

  4. range the price using the 'from price' and 'to price' filters

  5. in competition section you have two options: 'speed search' - search without any additional comparison or ordering 'search and compare' - search that also compares competitor offers, seller ranks, orders the items by sale count (very, hot etc.)

  6. select one of your accounts in 'account' selector

  7. click on 'scan now' to get the results (takes some time)

  8. after the status of the search is 'done' you may set the profit properties and filters (only hot, very hot etc)

  9. after that click on 'update table' and below you'll see all the items that match the filters

  10. select all the items you want to load to the store and click 'export'

  11. at the end go to listing generator and check the file exporting process (all the items listed will be in 'listed' category and all the filed - in 'filed' category ordered by failure type (system, vero etc.)

  12. if you have failed items in 'system' type of failure you may try to click 'back to generator' and then click 'generate' to relist them

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