The statistics report can be found on Dashboard main page on your SaleFreaks portal: 

The timelines the user may see on the main table are: 

  • 24 hours (important: the system counts the data not for the current day, but for last 24 hours, e. g. if the time is 9AM now it counts data from 9AM Yesterday until now, also this data is being refreshed ONLY after the user refreshed the page (F5 button on keyboard)).

  • 7 days, 30 days, 1 year (the data in these columns is updated automatically each day at 0AM Jerusalem Time).

Details Explanation:
Profit - counts the total profit for the period (only purchased on Amazon are counted, negative profit subtracts it from profit)
Orders - total amount of orders that came up to the console (all the statuses : pending, error, purchased etc)
APO (Average Profit per Order) - the aggregational value that shows the average profit per order for particular timeline
SCR (Sales Conversion Rate) - sales amount in comarison to the amount of loaded items onto eBay (is counted in percent)
Performance - is counted using APO and SCR parameters and has three possible values: low medium and high

the profit diagram represents the orders profit dynamically and is useful for quick comparison and checking the trade changes.

the Dashboard → Profit page shows the detailed statistical information concerning the orders in the last 24 hours divided by eBay stores of a user.

the Dasboard → Profit History page shows the statistical details with possibility to filter them as daily, monthly or yearly and select particular eBay stores.

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