This is the common window where you can search and check the items that you have at your store.

You can standard search filters: Title of an item, Supplier item id (Amazon ID), Market item id (eBay item ID)

Also you have a lot of additional filters by clicking on 'Additional' button (e. g. Account, Database, current profit of an item etc)


After clicking on one item in the search results you will pass to the detailed item window in a new browser tab

above you may see common info: bin price (item price on this eBay store), competitor price (if no competitor, the same price), supplier price (item price on Amazon), IID (SF console ID), Tag

Also there are links to this item in Amazon (Market) and in eBay (Supplier), link to existed tickets (disputes on eBay opened by buyers) on this item and link to competitors prices on eBay

on the left side there is Remove button for removing this item from eBay store

a little below you can see the editor where you can update all the information about this item on eBay store (Title on eBay, search text (on which search query the item will be opened), change photos etc)

very important part of this window is below, it calls 'History'


shows all the deals on this item for selected timeline
you can check here date of the deal, quantity of items bought, price for item that was on eBay, order ID


shows all the item samplings from Amazon and their statuses for selected time


shows best competitor's price and eBay store ID with this price for selected time


shows all the updates on the item that were made automatically or manually by user, for example:

item has been turned Out Of Stock, the item specifics were changed etc


shows the main financial details for particular item during the time period: price, profit range, date&time for these detailsĀ 

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