This video will show you where you can find, change and apply business policies on your items that are being monitored in Salefreaks including existing listing and new listings.  
Business policies are one of the most fundamental and important parts of your eBay store.  A well designed business policy can make a big difference to your store’s success.  In addition, with business policies you can better control the global shipping. You can also differentiate between amazon prime and non prime item policies. 

In order to start you will go to Settings - Global settings and scroll down to the business policies will see the POLICY type which by default would be “Salefreaks custom setting” with a policy for amazon prime items and a  policy for non amazon prime items, also known as 3rd party sellers.
When you click on one of the edit buttons you will be able to start establishing the business policies from the Salefreaks SOFTWARE and they will create a new policy in eBay for your items. It is very important to remember that prime and non prime items should have a different policy for each account type.

The second option for the business policy is to establish them first on eBay or to use one of your existing policies from eBay. this is done by clicking on the drop down arrow and choosing eBay business policy and than saving them, you can as always apply them as a default for future listings or apply them on current and future listing.  In this view you will be able to simply click on edit and choose from one of the policies already established in your eBay account and set it as your default policy for past and present items.

The other area where you will be able to make a change for your business policy will be in the items section. There you will have to choose one eBay account at a time. Go to advanced, choose only one eBay account and click view items. Determine if you want to use the salefreaks policy or eBay policies, check your items and finally click update. Now you know how to use and change eBay business policies on Salefreaks.

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