This marketplace is available only for the SaleFreaks users.  You can explore the assortment of the products here. We hand pick only experienced suppliers to join the SaleFreaks Supply Marketplace.


  1. Purchase Amazon FBA products at wholesale prices 

  2. Gain an "unfair" price advantage over other ebay dropshippers

  3. Sell cheaper on ebay than on Amazon while keeping healthy profit margins 

  4. Full VERO protection for using text and images

  5. All products are licensed under a signed agreement with the suppliers

Here's an example of one of the items on SaleFreaks Marketplace-

Product at retail price on Amazon - $29.47

Product at 30% discount price for SaleFreaks Marketplace - $20.63

ebay price $24.45 with 5% profit margin - Product is still $5 cheaper than on Amazon

Importing Products

  1. Copy-paste ASINs from here to the locator/listing wizard/CSV import with titles file and generate your listings. 

  2. Once an SF Supply product is sold on ebay it will be purchased automatically on Amazon with the special discount.

Note: There is no option getting the discount without having auto-order enabled. Discounts are applied automatically via SF AO system.

Pro Tip

If you want to maximise chances of SF marketplace items to sell - build titles for each and every item you decide to list.

How to build titles that sell?

  1. Research the  product, especially competitive advantage over similar products and price compared to competition 

  2. Find a similar product on ebay which is selling well AND has a higher price point OR has a disadvantage compared to the SF Marketplace Product

  3. Extract the main keywords from the similar ebay product

  4. Use these keywords to build your title while adding your unique touch. 

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