We are thrilled to announce starting today, we support Cashback accounts during the Auto Order process.
This will allow you to enjoy cashback for all your orders if you decide to and by that increase your income significantly.

  • We currently support BeFrugal site for the US market and
    Quidco for UK market.  

How to set your cash-back account/s using SF auto order:

  1. Register to the Cashback site you'd like to work with.

  2. Go to global settings -> scroll down until you'll reach the Cashback configuration. 

  3. Click Enable to turn on the feature and then click Edit to add your Cashback account.

4. In order to add your Cashback account please fill in all the information required.
( We recommend setting 15 item purchases and $300 max cost in your daily limit to increase Cashback account/s survivability but we cannot guarantee account/s health).
You can always remove and add more accounts depending on your order volume, for example if you produce 50 orders a day we suggest adding at least 3 cashback accounts to optimize your cashback income.

You can then click on "add account" and you'll be able to see your account added like this

5. Don't forget to hit the red "Save" button on the bottom of the global settings page to save your changes.
And you are all set!

  • You can add as much accounts as you'd like. 

  • SaleFreaks has no indication on the anticipated amount for the cashback income and can't commit for any success receiving it.

  • In order to edit any of the information for your added Cashback site, you will have to remove the account from the list and add it again with the correct data. 

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