SaleFreaks Auto-Order now automatically picks up Amazon discount coupons in, and .

That's HUGE extra profits to be made with ZERO effort.

We have already been running this in the background and have concluded that ±4% of ALL Amazon products have coupons. This means over 30 million Products with discount coupons such as:

  • Extra $5.00-$10.00 Off Coupon 

  • Save 5-20% 

  • Extra 5-20% Off Coupon 

  • Save an extra 5-10% when you apply this coupon. 

  • Save $0.50 - $50

  • Apply 5-10% voucher

    Starting today you can also watch your Coupons statistics and info on the Dashboard screen and order page to learn how much money you earned using coupons 💲🤑💲

*Please note that the data collection started on the 29th of October.

You can filter your orders under advanced filter to see the orders that were placed using coupons:

Once you click on the order to view the order page you'll be able to see further information regarding the Coupon:

Wishing you lots of coupons 👻

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