*The FBS system cannot fulfil orders that are above $400.

* If an item is not refundable or returnable by the retail source site (such as Amazon) - the return request will be rejected. The users are fully responsible for ensuring the products they wish to list/fulfil with FBS are refundable by the retail source site.

* A return should only be fulfilled with the original label provided by Salefreaks from the purchase site. If the return will be sent in any other way, it will be rejected.

* Canceling orders - once an order is placed by the Auto-Order system, we will do our best to have it canceled, but there is no guarantee it will be approved for canceling by the retail store.

*If a buyer claims he did not receive the order, SF managed accounts specialist will chat with the purchase retail site support team, requesting a solution. Only in case, the tracking number was not converted to BlueCare Express only. This service will not be eligible for orders that are older than 30 days.

*Asking for information about an order fulfilled more than three months from the purchase date, is not available.

*An order is not eligible for a return after 30 days from the order date. Returns for orders older than 30 days will be rejected.

* A return request which was not fulfilled in 30 days, meaning the buyer did not send the package back to the retail purchase site, will be canceled and will no longer be entitled to a return.

*If one of our amazon accounts got locked, no refund could be made for lost orders\ undeliverable orders\ returns\ etc..

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