Dear users,

Starting August 1st, it will be mandatory to attach proxies to your personal Amazon account/s in SaleFreaks for continuous, uninterrupted auto-order and SafeAcess operation.

It is not necessary to replace proxies for your ebay accounts.

Until now, we were using AWS (Amazon Cloud) IPs, but in the last couple of months, we found out this causing issues with Amazon orders fulfillment.

Several vendors sell quality proxies, we recommend buypersonalproxy , we were able to receive a special 10% discount for all our users. they support both UK and US IP's.

Here is the link for the special price. during checkout, please use the special coupon: salefreaks10off

Feel free to use it or any other proxy vendor that may find fit.

Here are the Release Notes that explain how to set it up., you may edit existing accounts. No need to remove and re-add with a proxy.

How to change User and Password information on buypersonalproxy
How to change User&Pass information on your Subscription page


The SF team

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