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What is Salefreaks?
What is Salefreaks?
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SaleFreaks is an online retail arbitrage tool delivered in plug-in form. Our software helps retailers like buy low on Amazon/AliExpress/Walmart/HomeDepot (and we will add more new suppliers soon) and sell high on eBay with powerful automation tools.

Watch this video to understand What is Salefreaks.

  • What does SaleFreaks do?

SaleFreaks automates online retail arbitrage by streamlining every step, from product identification to drop shipping. For a full list of features, check out our Features page.


Full Automation

SaleFreaks suite handles all the required actions needed to eliminate the use of multiple software and it does this fully automated, sorting the top sellers, listing the items with optimized listing template on multiple eBay accounts, monitoring amazon price and the competition BIN price and optimize your BIN between them and lastly automatically places the orders and submit the tracking to eBay.

Tired of manually finding items to sell? Give us a few parameters then let our scanner engine locate high-profit items on Amazon to list on eBay.

Once your items are listed on eBay with their original pricing, the pricing agent automatically monitors competitor listings and re-prices the items based on programmable rules.

CRM system that is designed specifically for a successful eBay communication.

Allows listing of your products directly from your online store to the eBay store (does not require any change to the online store).

The Transactor

Once order is placed all information such as item(s) ordered, shipping details etc. for each transaction summarized in an easy way to use the web portal.

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