Adding support to items with condition Open Box

  • Expand the items availability with supporting item with condition Open Box

  • This feature is available for users with plan of over 5000 items

  • Feature can be enabled via Global Settings, per Store

  • The system will automatically create a new SF account with the original account name adding _OpBx suffix. This account is available throughout the system. For example in dashboard statistics:

  • Here is a quick user guide for locating and listing Open Box items:

Open your browser and google Amazon Warehouse, or just click this link: Amazon             Warehouse

Select on the left a prefered category, you will notice “X used offers”, and then copy the URL from the browser

When using Locator, go back to the SF locator and fill:

  1. Locator Name

  2. Paste the URL

  3. Search & Compare or Speed search

  4. Select condition Open Box

Once completed just select the relevant locator export file and list the items to the Open box account (_OpBx01) and click generate

When using Listing Wizard, go to the Listing Wizard/Search and paste the URL from Amazon Warehouse. Click NEXT until you reaching Generate tab, type a tag and select the Open Box account (_OpBx01)

The template will be selected automatically, so just select List ALL (don’t limit the maximal items list, there is a bug we need to fix there)

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