We are excited to announce one of the most revolutionary dropshipping automation tools we have ever launched - the “Sales Hunter”.

This tool will automatically list hot selling items to your ebay store, on a daily basis, increasing your sales while saving you significant time and energy!

What does the “Sales Hunter” do ? Track - Detect - List

Sales Hunter is a bot, which will track a list of up to 30 competitors (we call them "Target Sellers") 24/7, detect the items that they sell in real time, and list them for you on a fully automated, daily basis and according to the max number of listings you wish to list per day.

How to get started?

 or follow the steps below:

1. Go to global settings and ENABLE Sales Hunter

2. Choose the max number of items you wish Sales Hunter to list for you per day.

3. Select title source:
- Amazon - Takes the title from the matching Amazon ASIN
- Target Seller - Takes the title from the "hunted" item belonging to your competitor.

4. Add your competitors (“Target Seller”) store name one by one

From this moment onwards Sales Hunter will automatically detect each item your competitor sells, find it for you on Amazon, and list it to your store.

*** Target Seller Quota ***
Bronze SF member (100-250 listings) - 10 Target Sellers
Gold SF member (500-4,500 listings) -30 Target Sellers
Platinum SF member (5000+ listings) - 100 Target Sellers

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