Dear SaleFreaks Members we are excited to announce a major openbox enhancement! From today we are supporting all openbox conditions in what we call openbox 2.0, the conditions are:
Like new (already available)
Very good

The three main benefits coming from this upgrade are: 

1) You will be able to list tens of thousands new item that were not available in like new condition. 

2) You will have more option to restock if you sold an open box item since we will be able to convert the listing into another conditions that is available.

3)You will be able to increase your profit margins for unique listings that have not yet appeared on eBay. 

If several conditions are available for an open box item our system will prioritize from Like new to the lowest conditions available which is acceptable, for example very good conditions will be prioritized in the listing over good or acceptable and the price will appear according to the Very good item which is the base for the listing in eBay. 

We will shortly follow up with a video in our Youtube channel presented by Tom Cormier explaining how this exactly works and announce a few other major upgrades coming ahead! 

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