We are so excited to announce that Add-on items are back!
We are constantly thinking about ways to enlarge your exposure and Create a unique listing without competition so we are pretty sure you would love our latest development - Add-on item multiplier!

This feature will allow us to automatically detect add-on items for you, auto-multiply their quantity to reach above 25$ per order for free shipping and bundle them together into a single listing.  

We have decided to calculate the aggregation so it will reach 29$, this to prevent a situation where the multiplier price will go below 25$.
The minimum quantity of Add-ons is 2 granted it reaches $29
The Maximum quantity of Add-ons is 16 granted it reaches at least $29  

Here are a few examples to clarify the aggregation process:
Add-on cost $5 will be multiplied by a quantity of 6 = $30
Add-on cost $1.99 will be multiplied by a quantity of 15 = $29.85
Add-on item that will cost $4 will be multiplied 8 times and will reach a cost of $32 

This is to keep the cost above $29 minimum but remain close as possible to the minimum price we set for $29       

Since those items are unique and will have no competition the profit range will be set to the max % in your global settings.

To set-up this feature first go to your Global Settings, scroll the page until the end to
Add-on item multiplier section and choose your Maximal Add-on item quantity per listing:

Then you can start scanning Amazon URL'S using our Locator & Listing wizard.
Copy the URL to the argument box as usual and choose "Add-on Item Multiplier search"

Once listing the items, please note that items that won't qualify for your Maximal Add-on item quantity per listing will be failed to list.

To search for your Add-on Multiplier items look for the advanced filter on the items page

Those items will also be flagged with Add-on Multiplier logo. The quantity will be mentioned in the title and represented with a photo collage.

We wish you Happy Black Friday 👏

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