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Release notes 12/30/18
Release notes 12/30/18

Auto Messages to Buyers

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We are thrilled to announce our latest update - Auto Messages to Buyers
You asked for it and you got it!
Starting today you can create your own message to be sent in different stages automatically to your buyers:

  • After the item was purchased

  • After the tracking was added

  • Ask for feedback after the item has arrived

To enable this feature just go to settings -> global settings ->Selling preference section -> Auto Messages to Buyers and click editΒ 

Then start customizing your messages, you can create your own content or use our default. You can choose which one of them you'd like to enable or not.Β 

Remember to not change the following parameters: BUYER_NAME & LISTING_TITLE.
To save your changes don't forget to hit the save button.
Clicking on the "reset message" button will reset the changes you made on our default message.Β 

  • Note that if you enabled our previous default message to buyer after the item was purchased it would still be enabled with our previous content.
    Happy 2019! πŸŽ‰πŸ₯‚πŸ•ΊπŸΌπŸ˜Ž

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