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We are excited to introduce our latest feature release which now supports Global Drop Shipping with HIPSHIPPER!
Hip shipper provides an amazing alternative to eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP), the advantages are: cheaper for buyers, automated, insured, fully tracked, and highly customer support oriented. With Hip Shipper you can increase your earnings from international sales or turn on this option if you haven't sold worldwide yet.

To enable Hip Shipper please follow carefully the steps below:

1) Login to your SaleFreaks account and go to Settings -> Global Settings.

First, Go to "Policy Type" and make sure you choose "ebay business policy".
NOTE - After selecting ebay business policy and choosing your preferred policy please click "Change default" and NOT "change all items and default to".  
If you already chose this option -move to the next step.

2) Sign up to Hip Shipper and follow all the steps on your way to configure the account and download the extension. 

We fully recommend watching this video and make sure you’ve set up all the settings on your Hipshipper account - https://youtu.be/1GpFy6pPQtc

In order to move to the next steps please make sure your configuration status is “update complete” (This might take up to 1 hour).
For any customer support related questions please raise a ticket with HS support (on hipshipper, click Support and "Open Support Ticket".

3) Now scroll down to the “Hipshipper” section on "global settings" page and click “enable”.

Don't forget to hit the “save” button on the bottom of the page.

And you are all set!

*We recommend entering to your Hipshipper account on daily basis and make sure to load balance so that orders will be shipped to the buyers on time.

*Orders that were shipped using Hipshipper will be recognized by the name of the buyer starting with “HS”

Enjoy 😎

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