The Safe Access :

Which located under "my accounts" tab, is a virtual PC dedicated just for YOU to help you manage safely your Amazon accounts.
Each safe access Virtual PC is being used for only one Amazon account at the time, and will never be shared with others, this Virtual PC is used both for the Auto-order system and also function the same as if you were using your browser but only safer!.

Advantages -
Only one repeatable IP regardless of where you were logged in to your Salefreaks account.
meaning you can log in to your SF user from home/ work or vacation but the safe access IP won't change no matter what.
*frequent changes of IP are one of the main reasons for closing/locking amazon accounts for security reasons by Amazon.

Purchase aid - an amazing semi-automated tool that will help you purchase manually your orders the easiest way possible! - watch this video to learn how to use it -

Access for VA's - easy access by creating a sub user on SF and you'll be free of concerns that they enter from distant IP. Watch this video to create a Sub account -

Easy Gift card track and loading - using the safe access combined with GC loader will make your gift cards management way simple when there is a need for adding gift cards during the purchase-aid process.
You'll be able to automatically load your balance and keep track of it using the "purchase-aid tool"

Once you connect your Amazon account to SF Virtual PC, it is highly advised 

from that point onward using the safe access as your main Amazon login session.

That way if you got hit in the past getting your IP/Computer flagged for a closed account/s you will be protected using the safe access as this encapsulates your sessions to the VPS only.

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