Following the latest ebay VERO policies communicated with UK sellers last week for possible sanctions (such as temporary account restriction) that may start on March 20, we have added more functionality that will allow our users to avoid even more possible copyright infringement.

1. Starting today you can easily share your VERO with us and contribute to SaleFreaks community!

(by clicking the link on the Dashboard) 

Your sharing VERO'S (Keyword/Brand/Asin) will be added our VERO list, following SF team screening  and that's on top of our automated system that continues to scrape VERO's from your violated ebay messages 

2. You may keep getting VERO restrictions even after you delete a potenial VERO item.
Want to make sure your item stops violating copyright infringement even after they were ended?

To learn how to use the bulk action please watch this video - 

Enjoy :)

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