We are thrilled to announce that starting today you can have the option to see your FULL profit by adding your cashback percentage to your statistics!

Many of our Dropshippers have access to few Cashback options such as Amazon Credit Cards (Chase) or discounted Gift Cards.
By updating your Cashback percentage you'll be able to get statistics for both :
your Front-end profit - the one you get on top of your break even settings
and Cashback profit - the one you get from your Amazon cashback activity.

To use this feature go to dashboard -> profit history  -> set up your cashback percentage and hit the save button. 

After saving your changes, the 24 hours Dashboard statistics will immediately change while the history profit clock statistics will be fully changed at midnight GMT+3 time.

Note - the statistics won't change retroactively, for example the full update for the 7 days period will be 7 days after setting your cashback percentage.

Also, on your Profit History you will be getting even more statistics breakdown

*This feature is not related to cashback sites but to Amazon cashback and discounted activity only. 

We believe this will help you to see your overall income gains both for the Front and back end profit.  🤑 🤑 🤑

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