We are excited releasing today two very important features, 2 Factor Authentication login for the SF console and Unidentified Orders Alert.

2 Factor Authentication, SF console login -Also called multiple-factor or multiple-step verification, is an authentication mechanism to double check that your identity is legitimate. When you want to sign into your account, you are prompted to authenticate with a username and a password – that’s the first verification layer.

Two-factor authentication works as an extra step in the process, a second security layer, that will reconfirm your identity.
NOTE: on your first 2FA login the access code will be sent to the email that is updated on your Settings -> Profile->Email

You will have the option to choose if to receive the code to your email or to your mobile.



On your next login, the 2FA will be executed and a message will be sent to your Email registered on your account, the mail will be sent from alerts@salefreaks.com, if you can't notice the mail in the inbox, it was probably marked as spam, so go to your spam filter and choose Not spam

You can change your email address to a different one or even better, replace it with your mobile.
When updating your mobile please make sure to set your country code.
For example +1 for US or +44 for UK users otherwise the operation will be failed. 

Remember! your sub-users need to have their own 2FA details updated you can do that by clicking edit on each user and update their 2FA email/phone number, until then the account owner will receive their codes to his registered 2FA email/phone.

Once you pass the 2FA mechanism your login info will be saved for a week.
If you wouldn't like to save your login info, exit by clicking on the "log out" on the right upper corner.

If you encounter issues to login please approach our support, we will confirm your identity and will help you to gain access.

Unidentified Orders Alert
On today's world, cyber attacks and internet theft are on the rise. When working on SF, most of you connect your most precious asset - your Amazon buying account, this to allow our system to place orders automatically.
This account may be vulnerable to orders placed manually without your approval from two main sources, your support team or hackers.
This new monitoring system will alert you for unauthorized orders placed on your Amazon accounts.
The system compares your Amazon orders to actual eBay transactions every few minutes, once it detects discrepancies it will alert the account Admin both in text and in a detailed email with all the order/s information, when you receive this type of alert we highly encourage you to check your mail ASAP in order to cancel deceptive orders in Amazon.
If you act imminently you have plenty of time canceling the order, as we are alerting almost in real time.

To edit the feature settings go to settings -> global settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

This monitor is enabled by default, you will get both SMS & email messages. You can choose if you'd like to disable only the SMS.
Note - if you purchase gift cards on your AO Amazon accounts and you want to filter out the gift cards purchase alerts, it is recommended to turn off the "Gift Card Purchase Alert" (in the middle section).

Here is an example for the alerts:

SMS - 

Email -

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