Safe Access enhancement:

For your convenience, the Safe Access user experience has been improved!
We increased the "time out"  to an hour so you wouldn't get logged out too quickly & You can also open multiple safe access accounts simultaneously. 😎

Very Important! -  if you chose to use the purchase aid-tool, once you are done make sure to release the ownership.

While taking ownership your ordering process will stop and orders won't be executed. To reinstate your automation you would have to "release ownership".
If you wouldn't do so, your automation will be paused for up to an hour and then reinstate itself automatically.
This situation may cause pending orders and long orders queue.

Mark as Dispatched:

Starting today you can  mark your orders as dispatched on ebay, which will help you gain the TOP rates seller performance ranking making you qualified to
"ebay premium discount" program.

The main Benefits of using eBay Premium Service include:

  • Maximum visibility in Best Match search results

  • 10% discount on final value fees on 

Being part of this program will tag you as a "Trusted seller" which may attract more buyers!

To enable it on SF, go to settings -> global settings -> scroll to the "Mark as dispatched" section and change to "enable "

Don't forget to click the red "save" button to save your changes.

Once you enable this feature, all your orders will be immediately marked as dispatched as soon as they are purchased on Amazon while on Salefreaks console will still appear as purchased until we get the tracking number and update it.
Once tracking number will be fetched from Amazon, tracking number will be updated later on your ebay account.

Enjoy 🤑

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