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Release Notes 27/5/19
Release Notes 27/5/19

Support Proxy for Safe access machines

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We are very excited to inform that starting today you'll have the option to connect your own proxies to any of your Virtual Private Servers (VPS) allocated by SaleFreaks through "My Accounts" page.

Proxies will replace SF IP's with your own private IP. The access to Amazon through SafeAccess and orders placed by our AO will be done by using the new proxy private IP.

This option can ONLY be used during the add account procedure, it can't be edited for existing accounts (you can always remove and add again the same account to have this option available for current VPS's).

To set it up, go to My accounts -> click add account (blue plus sign )

Click "Set proxy" and fill in the Proxy information 

Proxy IP - The dedicated Proxy IP
Proxy port - The Proxy port
Proxy user - Authentication name
Proxy password -Authentication password

Scroll to the bottom and click "ADD". 

Very Important: the password showing on SF Console can't be edited (this is the password to be used: 97pg8ohcno)
To set your Proxy authentication correctly you must use the above password and edit it into your proxy service authentication section.

Here is an example from "Proxy-n-VPN" proxy service.

Once you've added your amazon account you'll be able to see your Proxy details on the Filter section at the bottom of "My accounts" page:

Furthermore, any account connected to Proxy IP will be shown with the phrase
 " (+Proxy) " near it's status.
For example:

The SaleFreaks Team are here for you for any quesions in this regard or anything else.
Goodluck! 🤩 🤖👻

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