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Safe Access multi-session protection

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Hello SaleFreaks users,
In light of the recent Amazon lockups, we constantly think of ways to reduce Amazon's bot detection.
We are releasing a new version for the SafeAccess accounts that will prevent multi-sessions login to the accounts. 

The problem:
when order is undergoing, it may look suspicious by Amazon eyes to get another login request to this account. 

The solution:
Once you'll log in, we'll make sure the Virtual Private Server (SafeAccess) is not currently generating orders.
If it does, we will put the SafeAccess login in pause until this specific order will end, once it is completed you'll be accessing automatically.

This pop up will appear during the login pause,

During the SafeAccess session, no orders will be placed by the Automation system on that specific Amazon account because the account is owned now by the SafeAccess session, no need to click any button.  
As you complete your tasks on the SafeaAccess just close the tab and ownership will be released and orders will start processing again.

Few more changes on this topic will be released on the upcoming days,
stay tuned 🤗🤗🤗


The SF team

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