SaleFreaks is proud to announce a unique and proprietary solution in the dropshipping industry  - a new Auto-Ordering system, which imitates human behavior 👨‍💻instead of BOT 🤖behavior and bypasses the Amazon bot-detection, which caused most of the recent Amazon account locks on drop shipping software auto-ordering systems. This new system is based on a technology developed by SF engineers who worked day and night over the last few months - we salute them! 

We are also glad to share that we have been testing this system with over 100 Amazon accounts in the past week and the results are spectacular with a “lock-rate” close to 0%. 

What else do you need to know?

  1. Safe Access browser is now Chrome instead of Firefox - faster and more user-friendly.

  2. Since new processes are running in the background as part of the new solution, when you enter SafeAccess it will take  ±18 seconds and a countdown timer will show on the screen. See screenshot below:

3. Starting today you won't need to pass the login page to your Amazon account over and over. Once you log in for the first time your credentials will be saved automatically. That means no more waiting for the popping Captcha to be filled! From time to time you might encounter a page asking for your credentials, which you can enter easily by clicking the "lock" sign on the SF widget. See screenshot below:

4. Reminder - as stated on the previous release notes, during the SafeAccess session, no orders will be placed by the Auto-Ordering system on that specific Amazon account because the account is owned now by the SafeAccess session. No need to click any button.  As you complete your tasks on the SafeAccess browser, just close the tab and ownership will be released and Auto-Ordering will start processing again. 

WARNING: Remember to close the Safe Access browser when you finish your work on the Amazon account otherwise AO will not process orders.

As an end note, we wish to assure that we will keep working tirelessly to provide a fast and high-quality solution to any barrier stopping you from building a profitable drop shipping business. 

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