We are happy to announce that starting today you'll be able to change Amazon accounts status and update accounts balance on bulk action within the "My Account" page. 

This option will save you a lot of time going back and forth editing manually accounts status & balance one by one.
In addition, changing your amazon account status will help you if you choose, in doing account rotation to create a cycle of prime active accounts to increase survivability of the accounts.

As a use case:  
Lets say you have 20 Amazon accounts.
10 of them are set to prime status, the other 10 are set to Paused.

The ones that are prime will be fulfilling orders that day and the paused one won't run any order. The next day you will be able to do a rotation and change the prime ones to pause and the paused ones to prime, this way you will be able to balance your orders between those two sets of accounts.

You can choose from a list of status both in the bulk or in a single more using the edit per account:

  1. Prime / Business prime 

  2. Non-prime / Business 

  3. Paused - choose this option to pause the automation for the account

  4. On-hold - a status that can be updated from both sides; user & SF.
    Usually happens automatically when the account is locked. 

To use the above go to my accounts -> scroll down to until you reach the "bulk actions" section.

If you choose to bulk update balance, insert the balance you want to update, mark the accounts you wish to update and click on "Update Balance" to complete the action.

Should you wish to bulk update status, click on the arrow to choose from a list of status and hit the "Update Status" button. 

SaleFreaks team 😎

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