Hello SaleFreaks users,
We wanted to bring to your attention a two new "Add Account" options.

Starting today, while adding a new amazon account you will need to choose, in advance, the payment method for your amazon purchases for this specific account.

If you wish to add a new amazon account go to My accounts -> choose your new plan according to the number of accounts needed.
Then click the blue plus sign to add an account.

In the process of adding a new amazon account, you will have to choose whether the purchases will be made using Gift Cards or Credit Card. 

Once you are done, follow this video for further infomration on how to add an amazon account.



  1. Not all of your accounts should be under the same payment method.
    Having said that, account can't work with both Gift Cards & Credit Card - A specific option should be chosen. 

  2. If you wish to switch your payment method please contact Support.

    Cheers 🤩

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