Hi SaleFreaks users,
Happy to announce a new feature - vero force allow for pre-released items.
By using this feature set you can choose to skip the vero validation and this is before the listing phase. By choosing this option, no item will be failed due to vero.
This feature is mainly to those of you who are 100% they want to list those items and are looking to simplify the manual labor to repeat this for each individual VERO brand/asin/title.

To use this option slide the Force Allow Vero button before you generate the listing generator file on the Locator/ import

 Or on the Listing Wizard

**Keep in mind, choosing this option can expose your store to lawsuits and suspensions so please be extra careful and be sure you know what you are doing beforehand.

Also, starting today you'll be able to configure two new options in your amazon account protection mechanism: 

  1. Maximal orders per day 

  2. Maximal $/£ volume per day 

Those new parameters will give you a new 24 hours amazon protection control 

This configuration can be set manually to an individual account, by bulk action to multiple accounts by clicking the "advanced" button on the bulk action section on 'My Account' page or via global settings so that all newly created accounts will have this configuration setup.

For example, if you would like to set on all your new prime accounts that were just added, a total of 2 orders and total of $50 volume a day, for each account, just set on the new parameters to 2 and $50 respectfully both on the global settings and on the current accounts using the bulk change in the my accounts page.

Enjoy :)

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