Hello SaleFreaks users!
We have some very cool features and enhancements for you today! 

New dashboard alert -

Starting today you'll be able to see a list of items that can't be revised due to ebay request for item specifics.
Clicking the listing link will direct to the item page with all listing need your attention.
please note that the item wouldn't be revised until you'll add  the missing item specifics required by ebay.

To add items specifics click on the light blue button on items page - add new item specifics ( see pic below)

To know which item specific is required see history section -> actions

account status legend - 

We know My accounts page got pretty confusing lately with all the new amazon status.
Starting today you'll be able to see a button - accounts status legend - on the right upper side of My Accounts page with a pop-up explaining each status.

Bug fixes - 

cashback sites are now working as expected for amazon CC and amazon business accounts.

Enjoy :)

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