Dear SaleFreaks users, 

We are thrilled to announce our new feature - Auto-Ordering for Non-Prime accounts! 

We have tested and discovered that these accounts 90% less prone to suspensions.

Another advantage - there is no need to subscribe to prime!

So how it'll work? 

  • Every order equal to or above $25/£20 (amazon item price) will automatically be fulfilled by a Non-Prime account. 

  • If this account will not have the balance or will be paused/ on hold or any other reason, the order will then be assigned to another available account you have available on the slots (prime, non-prime, business-prime).

PRO TIP - If you wish to fulfill all  $25/£20 orders and above via Non-Prime automation even when out of balance/on hold and not to assign the orders to any prime/business prime accounts - you may do that by setting a delay time in Global Settings so orders from this type will wait until the Non-Prime accounts will become available with balance.

Important notes:

  • The shipping policy will be published on the Amazon site shows 5-8 business days. We recommend to take that into consideration and check if your shipping policies are aligned with those terms.

  • Please see the Amazon free shipping policy 

My Accounts Enhancements 

You'll notice a new type of accounts on my accounts page - Amazon LOGO, which represents non-prime account type, this new type can also be added using my add account option. 

For your convenience, we have added a new column that represents if the accounts are actually registered with a dedicated slot on the above my account tile section. It will show in the account table below a new logo - “Live”.


Non-Prime Set up Instructions

  1. Adding a Non-Prime Amazon account. 

  2. Go to 'My accounts' -> click on the blue plus sign (upgrade to a higher plan if needed) 

  3. Choose to add a new "Amazon" type account. 

  4. Follow all the steps required until you'll reach the amazon home page. ( see this video for further explanations).

How to configure Delay time for
 $25/£20 and above orders to be placed ONLY using Non-Prime account

  1. Go to 'Settings' -> 'global settings'

  2. Scroll down to the 'Auto-Orders' settings section ->'Max order delay time for orders eligible for Non-Prime 

  3. Choose how long are you willing to wait in case there are no active Non-Prime accounts to place the order. 

Important notes:

  1. The time scale is minutes.

  2. This configuration will be set to all your Non-Prime accounts.

  3. The default "disable" means no delay. Reminder - This means we will immediately try to place the order using Prime or business account. 


Orders page - New Account type 

To distinguish between the orders that were placed using the different types of accounts you can notice a new logo on the supplier account column (orders page). 

Good luck!

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