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My Accounts proxy editing option + Amazon Hybrid payment mode

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Dear SaleFreaks users, 

We are thrilled to announce two important new features:

  1. My accounts for proxy editing.

  2. Amazon Hybrid payment mode

My Accounts proxy editing:

Starting today you will be able to edit or add proxy settings on existing Amazon accounts, this way you will be able to avoid removing and adding Amazon accounts only for the sake of adding proxy or changing proxy settings. Besides the redundant Account creation, you will not lose any cookies and browsing history saved on the account.

Starting today, you will be able also to edit your proxy password not necessary stick to our default

PRO TIP: We highly recommend due to AWS IP throttling during the holidays, replacing SF IP's with private proxies, we have compiled a quick guide on how to set it up using Luminati, but can be replaced by any other proxy provider.

See attached  file Quick Guide - Setting Luminati proxies on SaleFreaks article  

Amazon Hybrid payment mode - Order Distribution (Order Count)

To increase the integrity and credibility of your Amazon account, it is advised to periodically place orders also with Credit Card along with your gift card balance.

We have developed a new Hybrid payment mode, that will enable ordering between your gift cards and credit card attached to the account.

The way it works is a ratio schema between order payment type for example, you can set 2 orders with credit card and 8 order with gift cards, the way it works the 1st and 2nd orders will be placed by credit card and the following 8 will be placed by the gift card, once another set of 10 orders will enter the AO it will repeat the process 2 credit card following 8 gift cards and so on.

The setting is very easy, you click enable on the Order Distribution (Order Count)
and edit your chosen settings.
This can be done per account/s in my account page under the Amazon account protection and/or for newly created accounts in the global settings


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