This guide will walk you through on how to set Luminati account and add the proxy in very quick steps, that will help you to override the ordering issues we are facing.

You can of course always use alternative proxy provider as you feel fit, we have experience for few month that Luminati is working well with our AO system.

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1. Creating a Luminati account


3. Add your Zone as shown in the screens below

4. Choose Datacenter

5. Name the zone, select country and ip type: Shared (Pay per IP)

6. Choose the number of IP’s you will be using for example if you have 3 amazon accounts we suggest you choose 3 IP’s (there are different IP and bandwidth plans you may choose from, I suggest you take your time to experiment yourself and use Luminati support to further understand the pricing)

7. Once you reviewed your cost and plan click, Add Zone

8. Zone is ready, when clicking on it you will have the option to edit and take the data required for the next step when adding or editing proxies on the “my account” page

9. For editing the proxy password click edit and choose either the default
password 97pg8ohcno or a new one (it is now possible to edit proxy password on the my account page).

10. Head back to the zone summary

11. To review your set of IP’s, click on the Allocated IP’s

12. You will notice the list of Allocated IP’s

13. Exit back to "Zone Summary" and then click the download arrow (attention! download from the "Zones" page and not from the "Allocated IP's" page)

TIP number 2: If you chose "new password" in step 9, please wait a few minutes before you download the allocated IP files, to allow the new password to sync with and reflect in the file

14. This will download the zone IP file to your browser
15. Open the file in the editor of your choice it will shows similar to the below:

16. Here is a breakdown of what is on each line - each line contains info for the proxy you will need to set inside SF for each account you plan to set the proxy to.
For your convenience we have breakdown the fields you need to fill as shown from the list below:

  1. Proxy type = HTTP

  2. Proxy IP =

  3. Proxy Port = 22225

  4. Proxy user = starts with:

  5. Proxy password = mysfprovidedpw

17. Now go to the My Account page and either edit an existing account or add new account
18. Fill in all the info into the right text fields that you take from the Lumintai downloaded file as explained in point 16.

19. Once you add the proxy information the slot would look like this:

20. When it’s ready, click to open the SafeAccess window, If everything is set up correctly, you'll have Amazon loading up in your browser 

21. For newly new added account follow the below steps, As you can see since this account doesn't exist yet, when SF tries to log in Amazon objects.

22. Create the account by clicking Create your Amazon account and fill and the empty fields

23. and verify your mail (OTP)
24. Once you fill the code you will be logged in to Amazon

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