Dear SaleFreaks users, 

We have developed support to navigate AO and SafeAccess through

It appears when browsing to pages on Amazon through the domain, the amount of blocking is reduced dramatically.

We highly recommend attaching to your amazon account a donation plan, you will be able to both reduce your amount of blocking and also doing a good deed by requesting Amazon to donate by your name 0.5% your transactions, to the charity organization of your choice.

It is not enough only to browse through the domain, you must opt-in for each of your Amazon accounts to enjoy the above privileges

Here is a quick explanation of how to set your account:

  1. select your on-hold - IP block account/s or any of your accounts through the SafeAccess until you reach and login to the Amazon home page, open a new tab to set your account.

2. On the new tab navigate to URL, and search the organization you wish to donate, for example, Michael J Fox Parkinson foundation.

3. Select the charity organization of your choice.

4. Agree for the donation and start shopping

5. Once you confirm, you will be directed Amazon smile website

I hope you find this information useful, credit goes to Jens Intuii for finding this interesting solution, and on another note, feel free to select any of you desired charity organization many important out there, but our suggestion is selecting the Michael J Fox Foundation, it aggressively keeps looking for a cure for the Parkinson's disease

Good Luck

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