Hello, SaleFreaks users, 

We have added an important tool that will help in managing your accounts in the My Account page - Tagging

The feature will help you to work more effectively in managing your account list and in a more organized way. 😃

So how it'll work? 

you have two options to tag your accounts now:

  1. Go to My Accounts--> scroll down to the table below and select the account you would like to tag-->click on the edit button and add the tag you wish to set.

Another option:

2. Edit accounts in Bulk- select the accounts you wish to tag, type the chosen tag and hit the UPDATE TAG button.

To filter the tagged accounts under the same tag-
choose which tag would you like to display and click VIEW.

You can also notice in the below table a new tag column that shows the tagged accounts followed with a tooltip showing tag name.

Enjoy! 😎

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