Hi SaleFreaks users,

We are very excited to inform you that starting today you'll have an option to check your unshipped Amazon orders.
We have added a new alert on the Dashboard that will allow you a new insight in regards to the number of orders that haven't shipped over the past 3 days since two weeks ago.

We believe this information would be useful because it will allow you to keep track on your purchased orders that failed to fulfil . This new insight will help you to avoid angry buyers, dealing with negative feedback or damaging your seller performance in your marketplace's metrics.
it will also potentially give you a better awareness for failed orders due possible locked Amazon accounts.

There are several reasons for unshipped Amazon orders:

  • Normal behaviour for orders not yet fulfilled, for example due to weekend orders. 

  • Order canceled by Amazon for any type of reason (for example 3rd party sellers not fulfilling your orders)

  • Possible false connection between your gmail account to your amazon account tracking

  • Amazon locked your account and orders are canceled.

As a reminder, if you need to renew your gmail to SaleFreaks tracking system please follow the steps below to reconnect your email.

1. renew the connection of the email with the amazon account (note that the email must have the same name as the account).

go to My Accounts page--> click on the edit button of the account you would like to renew--> click on the link request to update the tracking-->log into the email account.

2. contact support to run retroactive scan on the mail that you just fix the connection.

  • The information will be gathered every 15 minutes.

Order status
From now on you are able to click on the Supplier Order Number in the order page in SaleFreaks to view the and track your actual order status in Amazon.

We hope you will make good use of this feature.

Enjoy 😎

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