OK, this is big! Starting today, you will have the option to source items from Ali-Express (aliexpress.com) to eBay.

Why we love so much Ali-Express,

  1. AlіExрrеѕѕ is run bу оnе оf thе largest internet retailers іn thе world, the Alibaba Group, AliExpress serves as an aggregator. Sellers register their products on the website, similar to the Amazon market-place.

  2. More than 100 Million products available for dropshipping.

  3. In most cases, the prices on AliExpress are considerably lower than you may find on Amazon.

  4. Ali-Express does not limit or make sanctions according to their T&C to perform drop shipping (as of today).

  5. You will also be able to enjoy a discount to your purchase going through different cashback sites such as "simply best coupons" (https://www.simplybestcoupons.com/Coupons/aliexpress.com/#) or giving assistant (https://givingassistant.org/coupon-codes/aliexpress.com)

What's so special about having AliExpress on SF.

  1. We support a full product variation,  variation revision abilities coming soon.

  2. We support two types of sourcing :
    Ali-Express China (shipped from China)
    Ali-Express USA (shipped from USA)

  3. Ali-Express can be supported both on ebay UK/US stores.

  4. You can list on the same ebay store, Amazon, Amazon Open-Box, Ali-Express China, Ali-Express USA

  5. AO support, we are on the last stages to support  Ali-Express Auto-Orders that will go through your preferred cashback site.

  6. Ali-Express is only the early bird, more exciting source suppliers are on their way

Note! Ali-Express USA means deliveries will arrive within 5-7 days, VS. Ali-Express China, which takes approx. 12 business days.

How to add an Ali-Express to an eBay account:

  1. In the Dashboard on the ebay account section, select the ebay account row you desire to add Ali Express and Click on "Add Supplier"

  2. In the supplier choose Ali Express type (China/USA)

  3. Add the business equivalent policy name you have on ebay  Shipping/Returns/Payment for the relevant Ali-Express supplier.

We recommend this shipping policy for Ali-Express China:

We recommend this shipping policy for Ali-Express USA:

Note! Return and Payment policies are the same for Ali-Express China and USA

Return Policy:

Payment Policy:

Another important note! Starting today you can add more suppliers within the dashboard this also includes Amazon and Amazon Open-Box

As soon as you add the supplier, you will notice the supplier logo beside the ebay account.

Listing Ali-Express products

There are two options to list Ali-Express products:

1. Using Listing Wizard

2. Using Import and then listing items through the Listing Generator.

In general, you can either find hot selling items yourself doing your own research or using analytic tools such as Zik Analytics (https://www.zikanalytics.com/).

 Main difference between using the Listing Wizard compares to the Import feature is that on Listing Wizard, we are pulling the title directly from Ali-Express to the title listing on ebay, and on Import you can edit the titles prior listing.

Listing Wizard:
Listing Wizard will allow you quickly to list those Ali-Express items quickly, all you need to do is to choose the supplier Ali Express China or Ali Express USA and pour the Ali Express ID's to the clipboard

Note: list Ali-Express products working with speed search only for now!


Select the supplier and upload the import file you previously edited

To import products from a list whether through Zik Analytics or your own exploration, follow this SF import video guide:


To learn how to find hot products through Zik Analytics, please watch this video guide:


Follow your Statistics:

The new statistics section on the Dashboard will allow you to filter out  statistics per supplier or all suppliers together

More exciting add-ons: 

Product table 

The product table page is where you search and review the items that you have currently operate through SaleFreaks

Today you will have the option to filter your items by supplier type.

We have also added an icon that will allow you to distinguish between the different supplier types for each product.

Ali-Express product

In the product page, you have the option to check each variation by choosing the size/color, etc. and click on SELECT VARIATION.

In the next version, you will have an option to edit the main item or edit variations only.

Note: manual editing for Ali-Express/ Non-API item is not currently supported.

Ali-Express Order Page
On the order page you will see all the information about the variation.
By clicking on view button you will pass to the supplier item in Ali-Express in a new browser tab.

Note that all the orders of the Ali-Express items will forward directly to Purchase issue
"No available purchase accounts (AliExpress (China))".
you will need to place the orders manually until we will support full automation for Ali- Express orders (very very soon).

Global Settings-
by choosing your preference account you will need to select the specific supplier that you want to set up.

On our Road-Map-
help desk, profit history, auto order, edit variations
and of course new suppliers coming soon!

Any questions, please approach our support team that will be more than happy to assist.

Good Luck! 😃

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