Big announcement! Please read carefully 

We are very excited to say the days of having your Amazon account shut down and having to deal with the consequences is over.

We managed to come up with a solution that will provide you order fulfillment at any given price with an unlimited order number or order price!

Important Note! SaleFreaks Managed Accounts system co-exist with your slots and Amazon accounts so that you can enjoy both worlds.

  1. SaleFreaks Managed Accounts will allow you order fulfillment of any product at any price (Yes! even $1k+ and more)

  2. Proven stability to allow for business certainty

  3. No limits on the number of orders.

  4. You will be able to limit the number of daily orders

  5. You will be able to restrict orders that are above a specific cost  (for example, fulfill only orders that their value is $50 and above).

  6. Tracking information will be collected from Amazon and to be added to the eBay account/s automatically, including BlueCare express. 

  7. Our professional customer support included helping with any issues that may arise.

Our service is working 24x7 using our auto-order system, that means: 

1. No more issues with cancel orders 

2. No more problems with not able to fulfill orders 

3. No more MC011 for not updating tracking numbers 


  1. A fixed monthly fee of $15

  2. $0.30 for each order processed (the cost will be added automatically for each transaction

  3. No discount or tax exemption included. However, no need to deal with closed accounts, money lost, or canceled orders – saving you slots and proxies.

 How to Opt-In to the managed accounts :

  • Log in to the console, in the Dashboard click Join Managed Accounts button.

Topping-up your balance

  1. Go to the My Balance menu, and select Managed Accounts Balance.

  2. Set the amount value.

  3. Choose the preferred payment option and send payment

Setting your limits

  1. If you wish, you may limit your daily order fulfillment through the Manage account daily order limit section, for example, for 50 orders a day, just set 50 on the empty field.

  2. You may decide that only orders that are equal or above a specific cost will go through to the managed account system. For example, if you wish for only orders equal and above $120 will be fulfilled by the Managed Account, just set the field to 120, all the rest of the orders will go through your own Amazon accounts if applicable.

Within minutes, orders will start being processed by our system; please note Amazon account name will show Managed Accounts.

Any questions, please approach our support team that will be more than happy to assist.

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