Hi Everyone,

We want to share with you on new useful enhancements we have just added today.

On my account page,

New Balance for paused Amazon accounts:

Until now, if you have put your amazon account/s into a pause "my account" page, the balance will be decreased from the total available you have on all your prime accounts.

We have added another balance values named Paused Balance. It will help you to see your overall balance also on your paused status accounts.

Active filter in my account page:

We have added a new filter (Active) in my account page to screen Amazon accounts that are in purchase mode available, meaning not in slowdown/cooldown, and this will allow you concentrate on those Amazon accounts that are ready to roll orders.

Tag filter/display for orders:

It's now possible to filter and view within the order table your orders based on your LG tagging.

It is a helpful tool to analyze your sales performance.

For example, you can filter out your category listed item based on that tag and review the performance for those items.

Another option if you are getting help through VA's you can ask them to add their names in the tag, and this will help you to evaluate their product performance.

Managed Accounts filter on order page:

When working with Managed Accounts, it is now easier to filter out your orders placed through MA and collect the statistics and performance, and you can also export these types of orders to a CSV file.

We hope you find those new tools helpful,
The SaleFreaks Team

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