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Release Notes 22/03/20
Release Notes 22/03/20

Gift card Audit Trail & Convert BlueCare Express tool

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We are excited to inform you that the existing module, Audit Trail, has been repaired and rebuilt to reflect gift cards and managed accounts auditing.

This report tool is an advanced element that will allow you to generate CSV files to help you keep track of all your balance transactions.
In the new Audit Trail, you will be able to see all your balance topping up and spending, including purchases, refunds, and load new balance.

Convert BlueCare Express tool

Per your request, we have added a useful feature.

When in a need converting Amazon tracking TBA to BCE,  starting today, it is possible without support mediation.

No more CSV creation and send it to support for processing.

Now you can do it right from the order page.

How to convert:

  1. Click Add BCE Conversion button.

  2. Go to the Amazon account and save the tracking URL for that order.

  3. On the pop-up, insert the order tracking URL you saved and click OK.

  4. Wait for a few seconds for processing and Voila! BCE returned and  transferred to ebay

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