Hi Everyone,

Please read carefully; this is an important update.

Due to the Coronavirus policy changes on Amazon resulting delays for deliveries, we have added just now a critical update.

You now have the option to avoid processing orders that we consider as long shipping. Long shipping defined as anything delivered more than 12 days since the order was purchased.

How does it work:

Once we add an order to the auto-order system, we monitor its delivery date if it falls to the long shipping policy (above 12 days) there are two options you can choose from:

  1. Let it process as is through the auto-order, no disruption for your orders; they are going to be purchased even if they will be arriving late to the buyer - this is the default settings.

  2. Late delivery orders will fail during the checkout process and will be available on the purchase issues page to place again if necessary.

What's the benefit: 

Those failed orders will allow you to approach the buyer and ask him if he wishes to wait due to late deliveries (most buyers will be tolerant as they understand the situation because of the special times). If they are not happy with the new delivery estimation, it's easy just to go and cancel or ask the buyer to cancel the order.

Another aspect is. Placing too many orders that will ship in delay through only a bunch of Amazon accounts may put all the buying funds at risk because those accounts might get locked along the way with a long trail of orders queued inside before shipping.

With this new orders discarding option, you may process the late delivery orders through non-prime or more reliable order systems such as the managed accounts system or your own private accounts.

How to set it up:

To keep it work as-is without having orders failing on long shipping, do nothing (keep the setting on disabled).

If you wish orders with long shipping to fall into purchase issues page:

  1. Go to global settings>choose any account (no need to repeat it for each account).

  2. Go to the Auto Order Settings section.

  3.  Select Force auto-order for Amazon long shipping module and change the default settings from Disabled to Enabled.

  • Opt-in users to managed accounts system their long shipping orders will always fail to purchase issues page (the setting will not be available for them)

We hope you will find this feature useful for this new Amazon delay policy.

Good Luck and like always, stay safe!

The SF team.

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