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Release Notes number 1 04/21/20
Release Notes number 1 04/21/20

Walmart Locator/Listing Wizard

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Dear users,

We have exciting new features to share with you today, this is RN number 1, a 2nd RN will follow (there is a lot to digest).

Walmart - Locator/Listing Wizard :

That's right, our famous tool you are all familiar with that allows automatic performance analytics for products prior listing is now available for Walmart as a supplier.

You are now able to put a Walmart URL, the locator will scan each Walmart product from the catalog and will search for a matching item on eBay with their price and sales history.

Here is an example:

We have selected in the Walmart search phrase: t shirts, we see about  1,000 products.

Now we go to SF locator, create new scan by adding name and paste the Walmart URL you got from searching the t shirts products off Walmart, most importantly don't forget choosing Search and Compare and Walmart as supplier and Click, Scan Now. 

Once it is in the done status,  click the scanned line, it will lead to the scanned products filter where you can filter by hot, profitable selling items and export to the listing generator.

Here is an example after filtering to profit above 5% for Warm rating and above, found some interesting items some sold more than 100 times!!!

The listing on Walmart, with a price tag of $3.27

The same item on ebay, in the price of $7.02, sold 109 times.

Important note, using the Listing Wizard behave as usual, select search and compare and Walmart as a supplier the listing wizard allows you to automate the listing stage.

For anyone who wished to start sourcing from Walmart and didn't know how to start, this is the way to go

Thank you,
The SF Team

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