1. Filter items using a CSV file

We have added new functionality that will allow you to filter your current items using a CSV file.

Why do we care?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Amazon has prioritized its shipping by essential to non-essential products, the problem; we do not recognize their segmentation for priority upfront or  to our current listed items.

Sale Freaks has cooperated with a new service, just launched named DSTOOLS can be found here: https://www.dstools.com/shiptime

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This unique tool will scan any asin you give him and determines if its shipping is regular (segmented as essential by Amazon) or comes with late delivery ((segmented as non-essential by Amazon).

For currently listed items:

Once you get the results, you may import and show them on SALEFREAKS item page and run different actions on the items such as remove, Out Of Stock, but we suggest, replace the Shipping business policy to a slower one

Here is a quick explanation of how to effectively set your items properly:

  1. Go to item page

  2. Advanced Filter, Select active items and click view items.

  3. Select all items and click bulk action, export.

  4. A CSV file with all your active items will download to your desktop.

  5. Edit the file by keeping only the ASIN column and asin title.

  6. Go to https://www.dstools.com/shiptime after signup upload the file and run dstools scan.

  7. Download the file, edit it, and keep only the asins for the long shipping items from your whole list.

  8. Go to SF console, item page, advanced filter click on Import Asin's select the file with the long shipping asin, and click View Items.

  9. The long shipping items will show, the only thing you need now is to bulk action per your desire, for instance, remove items.

  10. So select all items and remove the items.

  11. As soon as you removed the items now comes the fun stuff, go to eBay and change the shipping policy to expedited one (faster handling faster shipping.

csv file for example

For items that weren't listed yet:

Just go to https://www.dstools.com/shiptime load your Asins delete any item that shows long shipping and import via salefreaks console import page.

   2. Purchase issues page, filtering orders by supplier:

Now it is possible to filter purchase issues by supplier, so instead of going through and look for the new supplier orders it is now easy to be found.

We hope you find those features useful and valuable for your operation.

Thank you,
The SF Team

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