Hi Everyone,

We just released a neat feature. Generating free Amazon labels that can be sent to a potential buyer requesting to return an item.

How to use this feature

It's pretty easy; you go to a specific order you wish to generate the free label and click Return Request.

As soon as you read and accept the terms:

The system will start processing the label through the Amazon account order initially placed. You will notice the button text will change to Return Info clicking again will direct you to the Return Label page for the specific order, and also you will be able to search for historical through this page.

There is a set of 4 status:

New - Operation just started

In Progress - Generating the label

Complete - Operation done, you can now download the label

Failed - In some cases, Amazon will not allow us to generate a return label; we will mirror the error we are getting.

It usually takes a few minutes to generate the label, but there may be cases where it will take more time to process the request for various reasons such as:

  • The Amazon account is busy processing orders.

  • The account is busy in SafeAccess mode

  • The account is locked or not accessible

Clicking the barcode icon will direct you to the label page

Generating labels for is supported also for Managed Accounts 😍

We hope this feature will save you time and efforts,

Coming soon, Cancel Amazon orders...stay tuned.

Good Luck,

SF team

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