We are thrilled to share Salefreaks now has completed full-blown support for Walmart as a source.

The latest development is that Walmart Auto-Order is now available after completing an intensive beta phase.

Walmart supports auto-order credit cards as a payment method (no gift cards support at the moment).

The Walmart parts in Salefreaks are:

  1. Walmart Locator and Listing Generator - with our unique research tool, you will locate the hottest Walmart items sold on ebay and list them in bulk by a breeze.

  2. Walmart monitor, we are supporting 3 hours sampling rate for each item and full support to item variations.

  3. We are introducing now! Walmart Auto-Order that goes first through your befrugal cashback account.

  4. Fetching tracking numbers from Walmart right into your ebay orders.

  5. Monitor your Walmart daily/monthly sales and profit statistics.

"Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking." - William B. Sprague

The SaleFreaks Team

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