Hi Everyone,

We are excited to release another set of new suppliers, set number 3.

It will help you continue scaling up, both for API and Non API accounts you are using.

Today, you will have more choices besides the current suppliers:

The new set includes:

UK suppliers:

International suppliers fit both UK and US sellers:

US suppliers:

How to add a new supplier to an eBay account:

  1. In the Dashboard on the ebay account section, select the ebay account row you desire to add the new supplier and Click on "Add Supplier"

  2. In the supplier toolbar choose the new supplier.

Add the business equivalent policy name you have on ebay Shipping/Returns/Payment for the relevant supplier.

You may add part or all of those suppliers for each ebay account.

you desire.
You are now able to import or use the Listing Wizard to list the new supplier items.

We highly recommend watching Sapir video on how to find hot items to list from Ali Express and all the rest of the new suppliers,

Just to remind you, Locator, for Walmart is already ready that will allow you to find hot items and list in bulk.
We will continue to add more locators moving forward.

Same for Auto-order, already supporting Ali-express, Walmart, HomeDepot just around the corner, following that is AO for Costco.

Locator - Saving filter parameters:

We have added something many of you were waiting for, locator parameters saving.
You are now able to set your profit, ranking, star reviews and more and save it for future use when you wish to filter new locator results. You are now able to load your filter settings for faster interaction.

SF Team

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