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Release Notes 06/30/20
Release Notes 06/30/20

Status indication for failed BCE conversion + Retry BCE conversion

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Hi Everyone,

We have added an important feature that will allow you to be aware and take action of failed conversion for unshipped orders.

In some cases, BCE conversion will fail because of two main reasons:

  1. We can't access the Amazon account, due to locked Amazon account, OTP triggering or slot is missing for the relevant Amazon account.

  2. Item delivered to the buyer before requesting the BCE conversion.

Now you will be able to notice the error for why the BCE conversion has failed.

You will also be able to request BCE conversion for the missing tracking number.

So once we detect an error, we will reflect it on the order page

And also you will have the option to Retry BCE Conversion a new button is available.

Remember, due to the order page progressing changes made recently by Amazon. We must log in to the Amazon account and send the Amazon order source file to BlueCare Express for conversion, so sending and collecting the data is dependent on our ability to access your Amazon account.
The SF Team

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